Rocky Pines Star Lit Dreamer (Filly)
Crestviews Little Running Feather X 
Rocky Pines Magic Starlet
Rocky Pines Twister Lee (Colt)
Ramakers Orion Sable Sir Lancelot X
Heritage Warbucks Destiny
Rocky Pines Onyx Knight (Colt)
Ramakers Orion Sable Sir Lancelot X
Rocky Pines Raven Angel
Rocky Pines Ebony Rose (Filly)
Frosty Morns Painted Feather X
Almost Heavens Black Time
Rocky Pines Apache's Heartbreaker (Filly)
Shady 5 Suzi Q  X
Crestviews Little Running Feather
Congratulations to Lori Fleagle on her purchase of Onyx and their big win of  ASMHDC 2008 Grand Champion Weanling/Yearling Stallion!!!!
Congratulations to Lara Harnish on her purchase of Twister and their big win of  ASMHDC 2008 Reserve Champion Weanling/Yearling Stallion!!!
Congratulations to Rosetta Fogle on her purchase of Heartbreaker and all the BLUE Ribbons you won in 2008!!!