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Some of our foals that have been bred and born here at Rocky Pine Acres! 
Rocky Pine's Onyx Knight 
2008 Colt
Rocky Pine's Apache's Heartbreaker
2008 Filly
Rocky Pine's Ebony Rose
2008 Filly
Rocky Pine's Twister Lee
2008 Colt
Rocky Pine's Orion Angel
2009 Filly
Rocky Pine's Razz Ma Tazz 
2009 Filly
Rocky Pine's Whiskey River
2013 Colt
Rocky Pines Avalon
2016 Colt
Rocky Pine's Incredible Copycat 
2016 Colt 
Rocky Pine's Fiona 
2016 Filly
Rocky Pine's Pixie Dust
2016 Filly
2016 Colt
2017 Filly
Rocky Pine's Incredible Isabella 
2014 Filly
Rocky Pines Little Jake
2018 Colt
Rocky Pines Grayson
2018 Colt
Rocky Pines Victorias Secret
2018 Filly