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All of our stallions have a flat fee of $250 for live cover. Mare care is $3/day per single mare, and $6/day per mare & foal. 
Star's Galaxy
Foaled 1/31/2016 32" AMHA/AMHR
Bar B Paris Supreme x Nirvana's Black Night 
CCMF Allegro 
Foaled 5/3/2009 30.5" AMHA/AMHR
Willow Creeks One In A Million x Alliance Piano Man
Checkmate Instyles Chief
Foaled 4/14/2015 33" AMHA/AMHR 
Ravenwood Aristocrat Little Blue x Checkmate Spotz Always In Style
Rocs Spotz On Helene Showboy
Foaled 6/2/2016 31" AMHA/AMHR
Westwind Buckeroo Megabucks Helene x BJ's Fun Size Gideon